What are the benefits of Creativity Coaching ?

Creativity Coaching is often used in exploring different situations and issues in your life. It could be artistic or in creative professions or could be areas like self care and expression, decision making,  relationships or work and  improve your ability to create the life you desire in those areas.

We create though our imagination, inner worlds and interaction with the outer world, and traditionally art has been an excellent medium to explore our inner and outer worlds. Yet the medium need not be restricted to art, and can be any medium that you choose. The creative expression that you achieve in your exploration then translates and  is available to all areas of your life, your work , business, personal and relational.

Creativity Coaching is also very helpful if you have been out of touch with your Creative voice. Through Creativity Coaching you are guided to explore, experiment, use your imagination, emotions and make choices in determining what you wish to focus your creative energies on.


How can Creativity Coaching  help me ?

Creativity is a whole brain and body/mind process, and not a subject that you can learn intellectually. The whole process is around expressing your ideas, desires and feelings in the making or creating something that could be shared, appreciated or used.

What you would create is subjective to your interests, desires and situation. It is often about getting new insight, tapping to your intuition, and getting new perspectives.Through the conversations, any blocks or limitations that come up are explored for ways beyond them, keeping with your values as guiding principles.

Finally you explore new ways to change your perspective, feelings and actions to enable more fulfilling and valuable results in your life. Through the process the Creativity Coach acts as your guide and helps you through your commitments in your process to experience a new fulfilling reality.


What is the first step I need to take to get started ?

Get in touch with an email giving a brief outline of your background,  how / where you would like to apply creativity in your work / life.  Also mention the key areas you would like to focus on, and what you would like to achieve. We will schedule a 30 minute exploration session to match  your need or objective with our offering. Please send an email to