Can having less choice result in greater Creativity?

It often seems that greater choice leads to greater creativity, yet it may not always be the case. Often brilliant creativity may come through the limitations of choice. Task enjoyment and positive experience affect creativity rather than just an increased choice.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  expresses the case of excessive choice and  effect on creativity and satisfaction in this quote, “Surrounded by an astounding panoply of recreational gadgets and leisure choices, most of us go on being bored and vaguely frustrated.”

I remember a month long challenge with a sketch group that had around 30 people do a sketch to a theme word for the day, from a list of words assigned for the 30 days. The sketch was then posted online for the rest of the group to see and comment. The resultant creativity was amazing, and very fulfilling to see a sketch interpretation to a single word. It brought out the best of the group, and was a joy to see. It was the result of limited choice in one sense, yet the beauty of the variation came from the limit of the word defining the subject. So less choice does increase the creative capacity, provided that there is a good degree of task enjoyment, and a basic positive experience in the subject.

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