Why is a Daily Creativity Practice useful?

The purpose of a daily practice is simple, to integrate some good practices into your life. Think of it as exercising the creativity muscle, or as priming the creativity pump, that has a tiny leak, which when primed daily, is ready for use whenever it is needed.

A daily creativity practice need not be perfect, it only needs to be daily and consistent. Almost a decade ago I had done a six month long arts course, and my drawing instructor kept emphasizing the importance of doing three tiny sketches daily. At that time I did not realize the actual value of that till I did an extended daily practice, everyday! In 2016 took up a month long challenge of doing a sketch a day, and posting online, and it was a exhilarating experience. Even though it was challenging at the start, to post online, yet towards the end of a month, it was quite effortless, and it became a practice which I enjoyed. The sketches turned out much more fluid and natural too, guess by then I did not care if they were good or not, and rather just enjoyed the activity and the process of creation.

For me, my daily practice is writing, it may be in a journal or on a blog, and composing pictures on the camera or phone. Yet a creative practice, does not necessarily have to be limited to the arts. It could be any field that your can add your own personal thought and touch. And if one finds it extremely difficult to get started alone, starting with a group, and getting the ball moving, is one way to begin and then make it a personal daily practice.

What activity would you choose to keep as a part of your daily creativity practice? One that matters to you, yet one that you can allow to be messy and imperfect at the start? Start, then take daily baby steps to integrate creativity into your life and let your life flow with new ideas, adaptations and change. The ideal skill and capability in an ever-changing world.

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