Nature as a Brilliant Model for Creativity

We as humans are a part of Nature. Yet for most part, we often disconnect ourselves from Nature, whether individually, as a collectively, and sometimes even governmentally. Besides Nature is commonly seen and framed as a problem rather as a resource.

When we observe how Nature creates, we can only admire how precise, resourceful, resilient and beautiful it is. Whether in the migratory path of birds over thousands of miles, or salmon swimming back, upstream to source or the precise geometry of the petals in flowers, we see an intelligence that is of a very high order.

Today scientists and inventors do look for co-relation between Nature and the solutions they intend to create or for inspiration with their inventions. Yet it is of benefit and inspiration to any of us to observe and draw from Nature. And it could be literally sketching and drawing, which is an established practice in the Arts, or it could be  observation and appreciation of the form and beauty in Nature. Learning to observe and see the structure and patterns is a fundamental skill in creating.

John Milton the author of ‘Sky Above Earth Below’, a Vision Quest Leader and Shaman, leads senior management leaders into nature and sometimes into vision quest experiences to get a breakthrough in situations that defy resolution. He mentions that when city dwellers experience nature first hand through a vision quest experience, the separation between Nature and man dissolves. My own experience of a solo camp in the wilderness in the Capertee National Park in Australia, led by two persons practiced in nature processes and vision questing, gave me a firsthand knowing that the separation dissolves after a day or two of being alone in the wilderness.

Imagine if you were to observe Nature today, what method would you choose as your first preference? And then what would be second? Would it be something as simple as taking a walk or move in a park or wilderness? Or sketching and painting outdoors? Or in a more modern context, what images could you capture with your mobile phone, observe and then share? Is there any other way that you could observe, that is unique to you? And finally, which one area in life could you use these insights that you may find?

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