Confidence to Create

Right up to the recent times, people have been very wary of accepting the possibility that they could have the capacity to be creative. Yet anyone who has the courage to try a new way of doing something has the confidence to create. And luckily this capacity can be exercised, nurtured and grown, like any other muscle.

The secret is to begin very small, and preferably in areas where the stakes are low, and it is okay to have got it wrong initially. One of the prerequisites of creativity is the willingness to fail, for although it is labelled as having failed, it really isn’t so. For every attempt at creating something has a result, it may be the result you expected or one which you did not, so if you reframe it, you either have a success, or you have new learning. Especially if you are open to seeing the result with new perception, and curiosity.

People who have acquired the confidence to create, make an impact where ever they are, isn’t that great? What do you stand to gain by giving it a go in the next 48 hours? You may pleasantly surprise yourself, or learn something new.

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