Creativity Inspired by Nature

When you are faced with a problem that you don’t yet have solutions for,  would you consider being inspired by Nature ?  Biomimicy is the art and science of looking for inspiration from Nature to solve our problems.  Hundreds of solutions have already been discovered in the recent times.

Butterfly wings have a capability of reflecting certain frequencies that make the colours more attractive. This quality has been used in digital displays to make the colours more vivid and deep. Another example is the Humpback Whales are very agile despite their size and the bumps on their fins enable them to do this. A company called Whalepower Technology used this feature to implement it on  wind turbine blades and thereby improving the efficiency and reducing noise by streamlining them and improving performance.

So consider immersing yourself in Nature and making it  your creative ally, you might  be surprised and come up  with some solution you never thought of before.

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